Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just haven't met you yet.

Do you ever have relationships in your head
with people that you see on campus?

I do.
Listen, it's not that weird.

This is how the story goes:

Once upon a time way last year, I took Living Prophets from Lloyd Newell.

There was this guy in my class.

And I found him...


The good kind of handsome--the kind that you have to look twice to notice.

I was reminded of him last summer,
when I saw an article in a magazine that made me think of him.

And now this semester,


Crossing campus.

On the sidewalk near my house.

Often when I leave the office around 5 pm,
I see him in the lobby of the building where I work.

Once, I caught him eyeing my Greek textbook.

So now, I usually make longer-than-could-be-attributed-to-happenstance eye contact when I see him.

Sometimes I wonder if he notices.

I wonder if he recognizes me.

He always seems to be looking up when I walk by.

Today, I walked down the hall at about that time,
wondering whether he would be there.

I turned the corner

and he was.

And then I thought seriously about what would happen if I said,

"Hey, this is really weird, but we once had a class together,
and I just find you really handsome."

(And then I went home and facebook stalked him.
He's really clever and interesting, by the way.)

The end.

Life's boring if you're not just a little creepy.


  1. This is fantastic.
    Seriously, I have so been there.

    And really, what could possibly happen if you said that to him?

  2. girl, you should just start saying hi to him when you walk past. do-it.

  3. ....What does the Rebel Alliance symbol have to do with him?

    1. oh, it does. i'm just not sure how explicit to be. what if someone realizes who i'm talking about? ;)

  4. Why would it matter if someone realizes who you're talking about? None of us know him