Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why must you turn my hall into a den of running?

Remember in high school when everyone used to RUN to the cafeteria at lunch time?

I never got it.

In high school, I wanted to get there as late as possible,
so I wouldn't have to sit alone at the table waiting for my friends.

But one day this week,

I was going to get a Pork Barbacoa wrap in the CougarEat for lunch.

I knew it would be packed, since it was lunchtime.

But just my luck,

my writing class let out early!

I crossed campus from the MARB to the Wilk, 


it's true,

I started to run.

If I could just get in line before everyone else! 

That would be the difference between waiting for 5 minutes and waiting for 20 minutes.

I laughed at myself, realizing that.

for the first time,

I too was running to the lunch line.

But let me tell you my friends, 

it was a success!


  1. Hahahahaha! I would run to lunch because I wanted to get to the sub line before everyone else. Unfortunately, I was lugging Kevin in tow, so I never made it :)