Monday, January 30, 2012

Like Mussolini and Kennedy.

Let's pull out the old soap box.

I tend to judge people on campus who put in their headphones 
the minute they exit a building,
then take them out 3 minutes later
when they reach their next class.

To me it says,

"You're not interesting enough to live inside your own head for 5 minutes
without music to distract you."

Do you have a personality?

Disclaimer: I do it sometimes when I'm walking to the grocery store.
That's it.

Rebuttals welcome.


  1. I feel fully chastised. You are absolutely right. I definitely do this, and the sad thing is, I probably won't quit.

    (And to be completely honest, sometimes I do it purely to avoid people. Bad llama.)

  2. It's a happy medium. Sometimes, its nice to have some background music to the movement of life, something to inspire or energize you. Other times you need to do as Arthur says:
    "Listen to your heart
    Listen to the beat
    Listen to the rhythm
    The rhythm of the street
    Open up your eyes
    Open up your ears
    Get together and make things better
    by working together.
    Its a simple message
    That comes from the heart
    Oh believe in yourself
    For that's the place to start
    And I say, Hey!
    What a Wonderful kind of day,
    where we can learn to work and play,
    and get along with each other!
    What a wonderful kind of day
    What a wonderful kind of day

    Yup, that was all from memory.