Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You're gonna be a mom.

Little kids kind of make me nervous.

But sometimes when I go to basketball games
or reptile shows,
there are a bunch of children.

And I want some of my own.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Like Mussolini and Kennedy.

Let's pull out the old soap box.

I tend to judge people on campus who put in their headphones 
the minute they exit a building,
then take them out 3 minutes later
when they reach their next class.

To me it says,

"You're not interesting enough to live inside your own head for 5 minutes
without music to distract you."

Do you have a personality?

Disclaimer: I do it sometimes when I'm walking to the grocery store.
That's it.

Rebuttals welcome.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

There is a man.

I mean this in the sincerest way possible:

I love males.

They have a special way that they smell.
And a special way that they look.
And a special way that they smile.
And a special way that they hug.

They say smart things.
And things that make you remember the Savior.

Men can work miracles,
and bind up broken hearts.

Sometimes they say dumb things,
but it's okay.

I'm glad God made two sexes,
and that they're different.

But that they work together so well.

You know,
I'm gonna marry someone someday.

And I will say to myself,
"There is a man."

"The life of true manhood is the good life."

Saturday, January 14, 2012


You know those friends that you want to kiss and hug forever?

The ones whose backs you want to pat,

and whose hands you want to hold.

The ones you want to make cakes for,

write love notes to,

and send texts to that say,

"I'm grateful for you!"

I have quite a few friends like that.

Sometimes I think they must get tired of me saying I love them,

weary of me not having anything else to say.

But then I realized today:

Real love never gets old,
'cause it lasts forever.

That's relieving.

"But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever."


The following things leave me in a near-constant state of paranoia:

1. Fearing that my LBJ button will fall off my backpack & I'll lose it forever.
Sometimes I check 3+ times a day to make sure it's still there.

2. Fearing that my fly is down.
Sometimes I check 8+ times a day.

3. Fear of being pickpocketed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm a broken record.

Perfect love casteth out all fear.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Cheesy for Facebook.

But that's why we have blogs, isn't it?

I did some hard things.

But mostly,
I was surrounded 
with amazing people.

We cried together.

We held hands.

You made me food.

We rode in elevators together.

We drove to church together.

My face lit up when I saw you.

You teased me.

You offered me cinnamon rolls.

I made you scream.

You invited me in.

You complimented me,
and I complimented you.

We hugged.

We laughed.

We met.

You smiled at me.

You said my name and it was beautiful.

I like your quirks.

I like your face.

You said you miss me.

You laughed at my jokes.

You drove me home.

You said, "Okay."

You cared about me.

You walked with me.

I love you.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ye shall find rest.

Come unto me,

all ye that labor
and are heavy laden,

and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Monday, January 2, 2012

Stop and think.

I'm really grateful for
the people who load your luggage
onto the airplane.