Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In November the snow starts to fly.

My blog went a little crazy in October.
Because I was crazy.

But it's November now.

And let me tell you--I started the month off right.

All six of us roommates plus my best friend went and heard President Monson speak at BYU today.

I want to be good forever now.

It was rainy and I saw my first worm of the Fall,
which made me so happy for some reason.

(I thought a picture of a worm would be too gross.)

I decided that to be a scholar, I need to start reading.

'Cause right now, I'm just a wannabe. 

So I'm gonna try reading one book a month.

I decided to start with The Iliad.

Wish me luck.

I went to a Dixieland jazz concert with great people.

There was scatting and plunger mutes. 

I heard these guys:

And it snowed!

Making "In November the snow starts to fly" a true lyric!

The Christmas trees were up in the Wilk! Soon they'll be decorated like this:

It's definitely okay to start listening to Christmas music now!
(Not that that stopped me before.)

But I'm also really excited about my Thanksgiving traditions!

Gratitude Turkeys!

And I'm eating Nutella out of the jar.
And I'm happy.

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  1. November is a great month. I almost forgot! Halloween's over! CHRISTMAS-TIME!! time for Josh Groban "Noel" :)