Sunday, October 16, 2011

You will be awesome!

Things that make you a better person:

1. Watching really weird foreign movies that you don't understand.

2. Giving people compliments even though it might be awkward.

3. Learning about your grandparents from your mom.

4. Reading hard books.

5. Looking people in the eye.

6. Giving your money away to something good.

"Recently, a nine-year-old boy was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. The doctor explained the diagnosis and the treatment, which included months of chemotherapy and major surgery. He said it would be a very difficult time for the boy and his family but then added, 'People ask me, "Will I be the same after this is over?" I tell them, "No, you won't be the same. You will be so much stronger. You will be awesome!"'"
Elder Paul V. Johnson,


  1. This list is fantastic. Also, I absolutely loved Jellyfish!!!

  2. That's our temple!

  3. Okay my character needs much improvement apparently because I have done next to nothing on that list