Monday, October 24, 2011

Witchcraft. Priestcraft. Willard Kraft.

I'm not crafty.

For example,
I could never make this.

In fact, thinking about cutting a teddy bear pattern out of fabric 
almost sent me over the edge today.

That's not something I can mentally do.
That's not something I'm good at.

I am good at these things:

-Bringing donuts and chocolate milk to my friends.

-Giving people awkward compliments.


-Staying late at an activity to help clean up.

(Have you noticed that I've been a little psycho lately? 
And that all I talk about on my blog is giving awkward compliments and hugging?)


  1. Whoa! I never got donuts and chocolate milk! That's probably because you know I hate donuts tho :) hahaha budd-eye-looooove-choket-milk!

  2. I'm glad that's all you talk about, since I love both awkward hugs and compliments. Oh wait, or was it awkward compliments and hugs? All are good. :)