Monday, October 10, 2011

The New World.

Hello, this is me.

Your resident lesser-celebrated American holiday expert.

And today is a special day.

Because once upon a time in 1492, my man Christopher Columbus discovered the new world!


Say what you will about the negative effects of conquest and colonization, 
but it happened.

And if it hadn't, most of us Anglo-Americans wouldn't be here.

And I'm glad to be here.

All you need to do to celebrate Columbus Day is listen to some discovering America music.

(This song is appropriate for all American celebrations.)

Sit there and close your eyes
and think about discovering a new continent.

A land of plenty,
of wild beauty,
of promise.

Stepping off your ship onto soil never touched by your people.
Never dreamed of.

Do it.

Doesn't your heart swell with triumph?

(The cheese factor on this post is extremely high.
But when it comes to America, you can never go too high.)


  1. I celebrated Columbus Day! Also, I loved this post.

  2. Thanks for that! the perfect way to top off my studying. And maybe (well...probably) this is just my prejudice, but aren't little-known American holidays more known and loved on the East coast - where most American holidays originated. (Think about it: MLK - East, Abraham Lincoln - East, Washington - East, discovery of America - East, Independence Day - East. Memorial and Labor day are like the only two that are generalized).