Monday, October 24, 2011


The Joseph Smith Building (JSB) is where they hold most religion classes at BYU.

Am I a heathen if I hate going into the JSB?

I hate the way it smells.

I hate that the halls remind me of high school hallways.

I hate the creaky, cramped chairs.

The only good things are the Minerva Teichert paintings on the walls.

"Just thought you ought to know!"


  1. You're not a heathen. I just don't like it because I have to go to church there now. Conference building on 9th East or the SWKT all the way man! The best church happens there.
    And I kind of can't stand the Minerva Teichert paintings. First of all, her name: only Professor McGonagall can be called "Minerva". Secondly, I don't like the washed out color/Degas/Pissarro/Renoir/Monet-style paintings (you better believe I was a Charter art major at Cab) it's too impressionist for me

  2. I'll agree that the Teichert paintings are fabulous (she's my favorite). But I also love that building because of the third floor: six-foot-long benches are perfect for Lee naps, beautiful, gorgeous views out of three windows, and it always smells delicious. It's one of campus' best-kept secrets.