Saturday, September 24, 2011

Most normal people get to know each other before they get married.

"They date.

You go someplace special.
You know, like a restaurant, or a movie, a museum.
Or you just hang out and you talk."

I have been thinking of some fun date ideas lately.

Like going to the library late on Friday night and running around between the shelves and standing on tables and creating bedlam.

Like going to the Museum of Art and looking at ridiculous contemporary art and talking about what we think of it.

(This piece is at the MOA now.)

Well, those two are actually it.
But if you know anyone who would be amenable to the idea,
then I say, in the immortal words of Tevye,
"If they would agree, I would agree."


  1. When I meet someone who does, I'll refer them to you. Except I'm kind of concerned about your first date idea: I think that'd fall under the heading of "disturbing the peace" and might end in a really exciting BYU Police chase through campus. I guess it'd make a good story :) Almost as good as being chased by a man in a gorilla costume...

  2. Sit in front of the public library and judge all the people. Also do this with the people going in and out: The library in Ogden has a lot of interesting people hanging out in the front. Good stuff.

  3. I once went on a date to the library. We picked out our favorite children's books and read them to each other for hours. IT was the most fun I've had in a long time. I couldn't stop smiling.