Wednesday, August 10, 2011


is the most important and wonderful thing in the world.

It really is.

Like when a church meeting ends and you just want to hug the person next to you, no matter who it is.

Like when they're giving out free barbecued pork sandwiches on campus and you're so hungry and it tastes so good.

Like when you sit on the bed with your very best friend and talk and talk and always understand each other.

Like when you watch your favorite move for the 200th time and you know all the words and songs and it's still wonderful.
But this time you watch it with new friends.

Like when you miss your roommates so much when they're gone because they're not sitting there on the couch or at the kitchen table when you come home.

Like when you call your dad on his birthday and he puts you on speaker phone while they're opening the presents.

Like when you're hugging and both of you squeeze real tight.
And sometimes your arms get to go on top.

Like when you think of a nice thing to say to someone.
Then forget it.
Then remember it later.
And forget it again.
And finally say it to them.

Like when you get teary typing "God be with you 'til we meet again" in an email.

Like when you make eye contact with someone,
and you don't say anything,
but you know you love each other.

Yeah, that's what it's like.


  1. Ah! I just love your blog. For serious. Go LOVE!

  2. Yeah! Viva love! This is probably the most amazing post ever. And I LOVE sitting on the bed with you and talking forever. I also LOVE that you always understand my insights (One, two, three, CRUNCH!) because I know at least one person knows exactly what I'm trying to say.

  3. You find the best pictures!!! I loved this one, too.