Saturday, August 13, 2011


Can these please be my children?

Their names would be Brigitte and Etienne.

Brigitte does ballet and loves puppets.
Etienne is a picky eater.
He's going to start cello when he gets a little bigger.

We're French, if you couldn't tell.


  1. Wouldn't he be a girl if his name was Etienne? As opposed to Etien? (I kind of took French, if you can't tell :)
    You're kids are adorable!!!

  2. My kids would still make fun of your kids, but I would probably spoil them if they came to visit. Play dates? it's gonna happen.

  3. Along with a bottle of non alcoholic champagne, you got yourself a babysitter for life right here.

    Ohhh yeah.

  4. I'll fight Sheridan for that right. Also, I've been exposed to very little french over my lifetime, but here's a bit of the little trivia I do know. Provo happens to be named after Etienne Provost, a fur trapper who was active in the area. We even named my elementary school, Provost, after him.
    So there you go.
    - Lee

  5. I love my grandkiddies! So French!!! Maybe Mme Kennedy could babysit.