Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I. I never thought I'd say this,


who needs chocolate

when you've got a maple bar?

II. Today, I made myself dinner.

And it wasn't even emotionally or otherwise difficult!

It was...


Of course it's only fun cause you get to eat it.

Pasta & fried zucchini--
zucchini grown in our own ward garden!
(Fried is the best way to eat it,
cause then it doesn't taste like a vegetable anymore.)

As far as the college diet goes,
this is pretty much akin to
eating like kings.

It was especially nice when Matt walked by my apartment
and I shared it with him.

And then I did the dishes right away.
Who am I?


  1. You are Rachel Christine Moyes, level 8 cook, and homemaker extraordinaire!

  2. What level of cook were you again, Ash? Like a 12?