Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Am Everyday People.

Think about all the different types of people there are.

(This is going to end up sounding like I'm trying way too hard to be insightful.
But I promise that these are real thoughts I have.)

There are people you love because they've known you forever.
And no matter what happens, they really, really understand you.

There are people you love for no reason.
But you picture heaven with them living up and down the block,
smiling sunshine in white,
hugging and saying, "Hello. How are you? I love you."

There are people you meet who are exactly like you.
And that's nice.

There are people who talk too loud.

There are people who are the most annoying beloved spirit sons and daughters of God that you've ever met.

There are people that have hard lives that you don't know about.

There are people that you could talk to forever.

There are people that are nice, but have no tact.

There are people that you flat out don't understand.

There are people that make you want to be higher and holier than you are.

"It seems like there's gotta be some place without Greasers, Socs. There must be some place with just plain ordinary people."

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  1. hahaha! love it! and I remember talking to you about people you just love for no reason