Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three things I love.

1. The number 70.

Just look at it. It's beautiful.

70 gives you all of the stately grace of 7, but with the added elegance of 0.

It all began when I would have 70 unread emails in my inbox.
In fact, 70 looks even more beautiful to my eyes followed by "unread."

It's kind of a weird number to be one's favorite, but.
It is.

2. Quails.

Quails are my new favourite animals.

It's really rare to see wildlife around BYU campus, apart from ducks in the duckpond, worms after it rains, and a few deer here and there.

I love to see quails. I always take it as a good omen.

I love the way they scurry along in little lines. They're so funny looking.

I love that they can only fly in little bursts.

I love when I actually see ones with the little doodads on their heads.

This is the kind of art I'm going to have in my bathroom when I grow up.

3. PIG.

Oh yum.
My mouth is watering.

The day I discovered pork was one of the best days of my life.

1 comment:

  1. I favor 94. It looks best when hand written.
    Hahaha! Quails. Today while waiting in the car, my two-year-old nephew said to me, "Dere's a quail over in dat yard." I was floored that my nephew knew what a quail was. I definitely didn't know what one was when I was two. Then again, it may be that he doesn't either: the bird was actually a robin.