Thursday, April 21, 2011

In a Subjunctive Mood

The subjunctive expresses requirement, suggestion, desire, or statements contrary to fact.

1. She felt as if she were in the Orient.

On Monday, we went to Thai Village for FHE.

Katie gave me a taste of her pineapple curry with bamboo.

And I had a vision: a moment of synesthesia.

I felt like I was in a cabana in Asia, and the wind was blowing through its thick white curtains.

And somehow I knew that the taste of the curry was what the curtains would taste like if I could eat them.

It was beautiful.

2. She insisted that she walk without an umbrella.

So BYU is on a hill.

And they just did this great thing. I think it's the best thing they've ever done.

They built a beautiful stream & trail that wraps around the south side of the hill.

Even though you're thirty seconds from campus, you feel like you're somewhere real, somewhere very un-Provo.

I've gone on three walks there in the last five days.

Go there on a sunny day and you're bound to see family/roommate/engagement pictures being taken.

(Part of me thinks that's why BYU built it.)

Last night, Michele, Jihye, and I went on a walk there. In the rain.

I didn't bring an umbrella :)

I liked the feeling of the rain dripping off my nose.

Maybe because I'd been listening to this all day while I studied. It sounds really beautiful when you play it at the same time as a quiet song, such as this.

3. It is imperative that she make it home this summer.

Fireflies. Lightning bugs.

If you've never seen them, you're missing out.

Imagine this:

You're driving home on a hot, sticky summer night, down a winding two-lane road. You look to your right, and all you can see in the tall grass is dot after dot of little orange light.

When you get home, you chase them in the front yard.

Your feet get dirty and mosquitoes bite you.

You catch one on your hand, name it Bronwyn or Lester, and try to hold it for as long as you can until it flies away.

It's the best when they light up in your hands.

I actually shed a tear the other night as I lay down to sleep, thinking that I wouldn't see a single firefly in the year 2011.

But now I might.

Not seeing fireflies is almost as bad as not seeing my family.

4. It is important that she not forget assignments.

'Cause then you don't get A's in New Testament.

That is all I have to say about that.

5. I suggest that she consult a map.

I just finished my fourth semester at BYU.

And I can still never remember how to find the room in the Wilk where they have the religion finals.

How many semesters is it gonna take me to learn that?


Every time I go to the Bookstore, I get lost at least once.

True story.

I can never orient myself. Or figure out which door I should go out based on where I'm heading.

I'm gonna dress up my babies like this.

Except I'll probably get lost in the Bookstore trying to buy them baby BYU apparel.

6. She believed firmly in cryptids. If only they were real...

Bigfoot. Yeti. Chupacabra.

It was a while ago that I started relating to sea monsters.

That's just me. Do you see it?

Is it wrong to want it to be true that large reptilian creatures actually exist in lakes around the world, even though there is no proof or possibility of their existence?

"Anyway folks, it's a mood." -Jimmy Durante

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