Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello, old friend.

Last year, I was famous (or infamous) for my fruit snack consumption. The Creamery pretty much ALWAYS had Kellogg's fruit snacks on sale. Toy Story shaped were obviously the best, but Disney princesses came in a close second.

And I ate them like nobody's business. Pretty sure I consumed an entire ten-package box of them in one day--on more than one occasion. There was also a definite spike in fruit snack consumption around paper due dates.

Fast forward to this year. I no longer shop at the Creamery, Kellogg's fruit snacks are NEVER on sale at Macey's, and hey, why not try to exercise a bit of self control? Yeah, occasionally I buy fruit snacks when another brand is on sale, but I always limit myself to no more than one pack a day. And that's been fine! No intense fruit snacks craving whatsoever. (Cause Western Family is really NEVER as good, you know?)


Kellogg's brand was on sale at Smith's! I bought two boxes.

I brought one pack to school today to help me make it through my grammar class.

Excited, I fished around in my backpack for the pack, ripped it open, and popped Lotso from Toy Story 3 into my mouth.


The texture, the taste, the consistency.

Buzz, Rex, the little green aliens.

It was the taste of freshman year.

I want some right now, in fact.

It's okay, I'll live through it.

In other news: how do I stay as happy and peaceful as I felt all Conference weekend? That is the question.

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