Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great balls of fire, don't bother me now and don't call me Sugar.

How to tell it's the end of the semester:

1. You're tired of trying to dress cute for school, so you completely disregard the weather report (Jaco Pastorius?) and wear whatever ridiculous thing you happen to have on when it's time to leave.

Well, no. It wasn't quite like this.

2. You have come to hate the sight of nearly everyone in all your classes.

If that guy raises his hand one more time...
Actually, even just the sight of this picture makes me feel annoyed.

3. A guy in your ward says "What's up?" to you on the street, and you honestly can't think of the right answer. No, it's not "Thanks," it's not "Good." What is it? So you just smile bigger and keep walking.

"Not much"! That's what you were looking for!

4. You have a strong desire to watch Gone with the Wind. Cause the only way to deal with the craziness in your life is to think about Scarlett's crazy life instead.

And yelling at the tv helps.

Ohhhh, I hate her.

5. You're having crazy stress-induced dreams. Like screaming your head off after receiving a postcard. And driving almost all the way to the temple on a crowded highway, only to realize it's closed. And having some hotshot BYUSA officer try to date you, but then your roommate steals him.

I also had a dream in which I adamantly stated that I would only date or marry a guy who had taken a clogging class. That might just be me though.

This is gonna be our wedding announcement picture.

6. You laugh out loud to yourself on campus... more than usual.

Except you actually just look psycho when you do it, not cute like this little kid.

7. You eat everything in sight... more than usual.

Feel free to bring me one of these. I mean, we still have finals to get through.

8. You sing in the shower... louder than usual.
Mr. Rogers songs.
"Friday" - enough to realize that it's partly her voice that makes it so bad, but it's mostly whoever wrote that horrible melody.
& all the songs from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I need some work. I know pretty much all the words to all the songs, but not what order they go in.
Isn't weird that I don't really like musicals, but yet this is my favorite movie of all time, hands down?

9. You have the desire to diligently practice the piano for several hours every day... 'cause it's not homework.

And if you were that small and had that hat and got to play that piano in that room, all the better.

10. To avoid distraction, you gave up youtube until finals are over. But now you watch Mormon Messages to procrastinate.
But it's okay, because they're SO good. Check it out:

Also, the "I'm a Mormon" videos are wonderful. I love this one:

These videos pretty much always make me cry. And then numbers 1-9 don't seem to matter as much :)

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