Sunday, March 20, 2011

R.M. and the Sorcerer's Stone

I just went to a wonderful Wells Hall reunion, and now


Not that that's anything new. I pretty much always feel that way.

Reasons being a "First Year" was the best:

1. Getting sorted into Hufflepuff.

Just kidding.

2. Heritage was three minutes from campus. And no hill or anything!

The law school was right outside my bedroom window.

3. I lived fifteen seconds from the Creamery on Ninth. Never had to make a shopping list. Never had to worry about running out of milk. I tried to go at least once a day.

This was probably the best aisle.

3. Our amazing, beautiful Wells Hall Relief Society.

I wish we could see each other more often!

4. Our amazing FHE group.

I mean, who else would do these crazy adventures with me?:

The Gallon Challenge! (We all puked.)

Tiaras. These boys are really manly.

Eating a TON at the Cannon Center.

And other stuff that I don't have pictures of, like poetry readings and crazy skits.

5. My AMAZING home teachers.

They baked for me. Enough said.

6. Visiting teaching these amazing girls.

Or, in the words of Lindsey, "If you can even call it visiting teaching. It's more like a party."

7. My amazing roommates.

Well yeah. Long talks in the kitchen and movie nights were the best.

8. Our special bond with Wells 158.

We were the same person.

9. This amazing best friend of mine.

I mean, without him, I woulda never put my face in a cake.
And who else fully understands my love of obscure hymns?

10. Shenanigans with this amazing guy.

We make a good team.

11. My horrible first year diet.

You just can't eat a whole box of Gushers in a row as a sophomore.

12. BYU 185th ward! I have no pictures to represent it, but it was amazing.
Ward prayer with Cassie & Brent
Break-the-Fast - especially Break-the-fast water
Indexing parties
Ward council
Testimony meetings
Being in the rowdy Sunday School class
Even my crazy music calling!

13. I know it's weird, but I really miss the carpet.

Now that just sounds nice, doesn't it? Don't you want to go there with me?

How can R.M. and the Chamber of Secrets compare?


  1. I miss freshman year too, I've decided. Wells hall was just in an ideal situation.

  2. This is THE BEST post so far. Oh my gosh the things you remember, the flood of memories. Chrisanne, I miss you always sitting at the desk on your computer with your legs indian-style because the foot space underneath was jam-packed with your shoes which you couldn't find until we had a cleaning check and had to vacuum under there. (Surprise! Shoes.)